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Prim, Sculpty and Mesh tip jars sold for use in the Second Life® virtual world.

Tip Jars in Three Varieties
Personal  : Tip Boards : Club

for use in the Second Life® world

Personal Tip Jars

Personal Tip Jars are intended for individual use. They require no special configuration and can be used immediately any place you are permitted to rezz an object. They are available in a variety of themes to fit your personality or venue.  

Personal Tip Jars can also be set to work as a Donation Box via menu.  All tip jars have multiple configuration and appearance options.


Personal Tip Boards

Personal Tip Boards are like Personal Tip Jars—but additionally feature customizable buttons including "Group Invite", "Info", "Web", "Song List", "Song Requests", "Calendar", "Gifts", "Bio", and "Tips".  Our newest ones have a "Heart" or "Note" that registers a "like" on click and keeps a count.

They accept the picture or texture of your choice.  They each have multiple customization items to truly personalize the tip board. to your personality and needs.

Club Tip Jars

Club Tip Jars allow an inworld venue to provide tip jars to employees—with the tip jar aligned with the theme of the venue. A typical use would be a matching club donation jar, DJ/Performer jar, and a Host/Hostess jar.

Employees/performers log in via a menu. All feature optional tip splitting features.  Some capture the profile picture on log-in.  Most have a sync'd goal feature including one build that is an thermometer with 3D animated mercury.

Featured Tip Jars

A small sampling from our extensive product line.  See the whole collection at our inworld store or on marketplace
for use in the Second Life® virtual world